Step by Step Guide to Modular Construction

Modular construction offers quality control and code compliance, ensuring your new home is built to the highest standards.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Modular Construction

Modular construction is a method of building homes or structures that involves constructing individual sections, or modules, in a controlled factory environment, and then transporting and assembling them on-site. This method offers a number of benefits, including increased efficiency, reduced construction time, and improved quality control. 

If you are considering a modular construction project, this step-by-step guide will walk you through the process from start to finish, covering important considerations such as design, permitting, site preparation, transportation, and installation.


Designing: Define Your Plan

Defining your plan for modular construction is crucial in securing a construction loan. With a clear understanding of your project budget, land ownership, building type, construction timeline, square footage requirements, ADA-compliance, installation direction, and exterior and interior finishes, you will be able to present a comprehensive plan to potential lenders. 

This will not only increase your chances of obtaining a loan, but it will also ensure that the building process runs smoothly with no unexpected setbacks or additional costs. In short, a well-defined plan is the key to a successful modular construction project with a construction loan.

The design plan includes:

Engineering: Check Your Plan

Construction site of a modular home

Engineering is an important step in the modular construction process as it ensures that your plans meet the necessary local, state, and national building codes. A professional engineer will perform an independent third-party review, providing you with peace of mind that your plans have been thoroughly checked and will meet all code requirements. The engineering stage of modular construction is critical to the success of your project and the safety of your future home.

This step is all about these two things:

Consent: Secure Your Plan

Securing construction permits is a crucial step in the modular construction process, as it ensures that your new home is built according to local, state, and national building codes. Not only does this guarantee a safe and well-constructed home, but it also helps to avoid any potential legal issues or delays in the building process. A construction loan from Builder Loans can provide the financial support needed to obtain the necessary permits and proceed with the construction of your dream modular home.

Some of the permits that you need to secure are:

Modification of Site: Develop Your Plan

Blueprint of a modular home design

Site development plays a crucial role in modular home construction as it lays the foundation for the entire building process. Proper site preparation and development ensure that the construction of your modular home is done smoothly and efficiently, without any obstacles or hindrances. This step lays the groundwork for a successful and stress-free modular construction experience.

In this step, focus on:

Plant Fabrication: Strengthen Your Plan


The foundation and steel play a crucial role in the overall structure and stability of a modular home. Planting them correctly is essential to ensure the integrity and longevity of the modular home. Proper foundation preparation is necessary to provide a solid base that can withstand the weight of the modular home and resist soil movement. 


Similarly, the steel acts as a backbone that holds the home together and provides support to the roof and walls. The placement of the steel must be precise to ensure the proper alignment and stability of the modular home.


Strengthening your plan revolves around:

Transportation and Installation: Finalize Your Plan


The final stages of the modular building process include transportation and installation, which serve as the finishing touches for the home. The size of the modules affects the transportation scope and must be carefully considered. During the installation phase, all remaining elements of the house, such as utilities and sidings, are connected to complete the project.

Fun fact: Constructing shipping restrictions are 16’ in width and between 70’ & 90’ in length per module

Conclusion: Move into Your New Modular Home

The process of moving into your new modular home may seem overwhelming, but have no fear as your team of experts will assist you every step of the way. You only need to obtain some paperwork from the county building inspectors, which can be quickly secured if you pass a final check and inspection. With a positive outcome, you can start moving into your new space.

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